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April Mood: Sweet oranges, Argan oil covered freckles, and radical acceptance

April Mood: Sweet oranges, Argan oil covered freckles, and radical acceptance

Lisie Sabba's April mood board

This April is soft. March was loud, maybe a little angry and frustrated, but this April is about allowing myself room to grow, allowing myself to be soft and warm and kind of messy and not ready yet. 

This month I’m not saying “fuck you” to my flaws and anxieties. I’m whispering “it’s okay” and cradling them in my arms, and making them warm milky tea and wrapping them up in soft blankets until they’re lulled to sleep. 

This April I’m enjoying beautiful Instagram feeds and curating my personal spaces, soaking my skin in yummy oils and wearing just enough makeup to make myself feel beautiful. 

This month I’m learning from people that inspire me, laying out grand plans but allowing myself time to be ready to enact them, practicing radical acceptance and drinking a lot of hot coffee before it’s summer and everything has to be on ice. 

I’m buying bags full of sweet oranges and slowly enjoying them while reading books about interesting people because this April is light and sweet and melts on my tongue.


April Mood Board: sweet oranges, freckles, and radical acceptance.png

Going to coffee shops other than Starbucks | Orion Carloto’s Instagram and her book of poetry, Flux | Refinery 29’s inspirational quotes on Instagram, created by @blindsayy | Just everything about The Wing, especially No Man's Land | practicing radical acceptance | Kelsey Simone’s aesthetic as fuck Instagram and glowy freckle-centric makeup looks | the Glossier blog Into the Gloss | decanting and labeling my face oils for the ~aesthetic~  with this nifty Dynamo Label Maker and these glass bottles | Layering tons of gold jewelry including these Lady Curves gold earrings | celebrating the female form with physical art and hopefully someday a tattoo | googling vintage lesbians - idea stolen from @forestqueer who dispenses daily wisdom about queer culture and socioeconomics, along with copious videos of their dogs | wearing all black not because you’re trying to hide your body but because you love it

NOT PICTURED: playing Demi Lovato’s kinda new album Tell Me You Love Me on repeat | this bite beauty lip mask | playing gin rummy for hours | Listening to All the Lives I Want on audio book | reading the physical book Tangerine: A novel | eating massive navel oranges | making my bed every morning | wearing face sunscreen everyday with Supergoop's Suncreen Oil

I'm back

I'm back